Gaspare Ferraro
Data Science Student - Developer




  • University of Pisa Pisa, Italy
    Oct '17 - Present
    Master Degree in Computer Science
    Curriculum: "Data and Knowledge: Science and Technologies"

  • University of Pisa Pisa, Italy
    Oct '14 - Dec '17
    Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
    Thesis: "Subgraph similarity in complex networks"
    Supervised by Roberto Grossi and Andrea Marino

  • ITIS Majorana-GiorgiGenoa, Italy
    Sep '09 - Jul '14
    High School in Computer Science
    Thesis: "Alan Turing: The Universal Turing Machine"


  • KDD 2018London, UK
    Aug '18
    Alessio Conte, Gaspare Ferraro, Roberto Grossi, Andrea Marino, Kunihiko Sadakane, Takeaki Uno:
    Node Similarity with q -Grams for Real-World Labeled Networks. (doi KDD 2018: 1282-1291)


  • Programming language & Technologies
    Proficient with:
    • C/C++ (System Programming, POSIX, PThreads, STL, Parallel applications, ...).
    • Java (Android app development, J2EE, Tomcat, Javadoc, Junit, ...).
    • Web Development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Node.js, ...).
    • Database (Mysql, PostgreSQL).
    • Linux (Bash scripting, System administration).
    • Version control (Git, Microsoft Team Foundation Server).
    • Amazon Web Service (RDS, S3, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, ...).
    • Firebase (Authentication, Realtime Database, Crash reporting, ...).
    Familiar with other languages and technologies like: Python, PHP, NoSql (MongoDb), C#, F#, OCaml.

  • Theoretical knowledge
    Strong background in competitive programming, problem solving, algorithms (focused mainly on data analysis, graph theory and social network analysis), data structures and maths.

  • Other skills
    • Italian mother-tongue and fluent in English.
    • Good organizational skills and work management.

Work Experiences

  • Syneo Tools Gmbh Hamburgh, Germany
    Gen '18 - Present
    Backend developer, algorithmist and data scientist.
    Design of algorithms and development of software for data and image analysis.
    Customized solutions for data acquisition and storage for the business sector.

  • Italian Olympiads in Informatics Volterra, Italy
    Sep '14 - Present
    Official trainer for the Italian IOI Team (International Olympiads in Informatics) at SIAF International School for Advanced Education in Volterra (Tuscany).
    Member of the scientific and technical committee of the annual Italian Olympiad in Informatics, editions:
    • OII2019 @ Matera
    • OII2018 @ Campobasso
    • OII2017 @ Trento
    • OII2016 @ Catania
    • OII2015 @ Castiglione dei Pepoli
    Trainer of the regional (Ligurian) partecipants to the Italian Olympiads in Informatics.

  • CyberChallenge @ University of PisaPisa, Italy
    Feb '19 - Present
    Teacher and trainer for the cybersecurity team of University of Pisa for the 2019: the Italian cybersecurity training program.
    Preparation of lessons and workshops about reverse engineering, cryptography and web security.

  • Reply S.p.A. Turin, Italy
    Oct '18 - Mar '19
    Codemaster for the Reply Code Challenge, standard and teen editions: an international competitive programming challenge with 15.000 registration from more than 100 countries worldwide.
    In charge of the design and the implementation of the problems for the competitions.

  • University of Genoa Genoa, Italy
    Oct '18 - Nov '18
    Trainer for the competitive programming team of University of Genoa at the SWERC 2018 in Paris (the regional selection for the ACM ICPC World Finals).

  • University of Pisa Pisa, Italy
    Gen '18 - Apr '18
    Laboratory assistant for the Computer Science department.
    Preparation of lessons and workshops about C programming, algorithms and data structures.

  • Trussdesign Genoa, Italy
    Jan '14 - Jun '14
    Android app development and internal technical support.

Programming contests

  • Cybersecurity contestsOnline
    '18 - Present
    Participation in various cybersecurity contests (Capture the Flag competitions), as official member of the CTF Team located at University of Genoa ZenHack Team.

  • Competitive programming contestsOnline
    '12 - Present
    Participation in various programming contests like Google HashCode, Google Code Jam, COCI, Codeforces.

  • First AscentCopenaghen, Denmark
    Sep '18
    Selected as one of the best 20 italian computer science students, after a selection with over 400 students, by the first italian and european mobile app developer company Bending Spoons.

  • Central European Olympiad in InformaticsWarsaw, Poland
    Aug '18
    Team leader of the Italian Team.

  • Reply Code ChallengeOnline
    15 Mar '18
    Online programming competition, organized by Reply.
    Our team (Hasheti team, formed by me, Luca Versari, Alessio Conte and Daniele De Sensi) placed 1° (out of 1207 teams).
    Kindly invited to the Reply Headquarter in Turin, our team was awarded with 4 Razer Blade Gaming Laptop.

  • CyberChallenge.itGenoa/Rome, Italy
    Feb '18 - Jun '18
    University of Genoa' Team member of the national Cyber Security contest.
    Theoretical lessons and pratical CTF competitions hosted by CSecLab (part of the Cyber Security National Laboratory).
    Winner of the local CTF and member of the genoese team in the national final held in Rome.

  • Balkan Olympiad in InformaticsChisinau, Moldova
    Jul '17
    Team leader of the Italian Team.

  • International Olympiad in Informatics 2014Taipei, Taiwan
    Jul '14
    Partecipant as member of the Italian Team.

  • Italian Olympiad in Informatics 2013Salerno, Italy
    Sep '13
    Participant and winner of a silver medal.

  • Italian Olympiad in Informatics 2012Sirmione, Italy
    Sep '12
    First participations at the Italian Olympiad in Informatics.


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